Wheel, part 2

Hi everyone,

Jane, I couldn’t get back yesterday. Here’s my follow-up to your poem. Thanks for the prompt.

Back in my wheel,
my book-lined nest.
Inhaling the silence,
I cherish the test.

Here I take nourishment,
live in my head.
Here I imagine
the sorcerer’s thread.

Words are my fortress
where safely within
I trundle my wheel,
I spin, I spin.

(c) David L. Harrison

8 comments on “Wheel, part 2

  1. The Wheel Spins

    I am the spinner
    of the yarns
    that keep you warm
    each night.

    I am the weaver
    of the dreams,
    that help your heart
    take flight.

    Hand off the wheel,
    I slow the tale
    the strand that pulled
    you in.

    I draw the pattern,
    for the day
    and then begin
    to pin,

    I knit your bones,
    I fill the hole,
    I start the stitch
    That sews your soul.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Hmmmm. Maybe I went too far with the metaphors. Metaphors be with you as the Poetry Alive folk say but perhaps I stretched that too infinity and beyond.

    • Good morning, dear spinner, and thank you. I especially like drawing the pattern for the day and then beginning to pin. May the metaphors be with you too. XO

  3. The Dream Spinner

    And no one knows
    from whence it came,
    and no one knows
    its whither,
    no one knows
    except the dame
    who spins and
    draws us hither.

    (c) David L. Harrison

  4. Each time I posted anything here I clicked (as usual) the notify me and post comment links–in that order. It hasn’t sent me the usual message that I have to click in order to accept the conditions, and it hasn’t notified me of any of your replies either. . I have gone back and logged in each time just to check.

    Just giivng you the facts, sirrah.

    • Oh man, I hate technology…when it doesn’t work. Jane, I have no clue. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Sigh.

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