Baiting up

Hi everyone,

Productive day yesterday. I finished the sixth poem for a new proposal that’s now ready to send out, and also finished the sixth poem for a proposal with Jane Yolen. That will be two more hooks in the water. Never know what you might snag!


8 comments on “Baiting up

  1. Hook in the Water

    Each poem a hook
    floating the tide.
    An invitation
    to open wide.

    Come little fishes,
    take the hook.
    Open right up
    and read my book.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Open Wide

      Come little fishes,
      you needn’t wait.
      Open wide
      and take my bait.

      It’s metaphored
      and rolled in rhyme.
      Come little fishes,
      now’s the time.

      Spicy rhythm
      tastes so fine!
      Come little fishes,
      take my line!

      (c) David L. Harrison

  2. If books were like fishes
    I’d get a huge net
    And cast o’er the waters
    To see what I’d get.

    Some mysteries? some fiction?
    A biography or two?
    I’d fish all day long
    That’s just what I’d do!

    Then settle at dusk
    To sort through my haul
    Relax and get comfy…
    Start reading them all!

    Here’s a different angle for you this morning, David! Have a great day!

    • A different angle indeed, which makes you a good angler, dear Susan! And you address a passion that writers have in common: “Relax and get comfy…/Start reading them all!” Thank you!

  3. Thanks, David, for allowing me to add to your blog all the time! It’s a fun way to start the day. Now…off to start the laundry and feed all the dogs! (We’re dog sitting for Becky and Colt for a week. There are a LOT of little dogs at my house right now! Love it, though!)

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