For the birds

Hi everyone,

My friend Cory Corrado sent me this candid backyard picture she took a while back and wondered if you might add a caption to it — couplet or otherwise. I agree it should be a fun challenge for all you poets and wits out there. Have at it. And thanks, Cory!


38 comments on “For the birds

  1. Don’t just sit there staring; your nosiness in foul.
    If you want to do something useful, go and fetch me a towel.

  2. Lining Up

    Why yes, my dear,
    The water’s fine.
    You’ll have your turn.
    This one is mine.

    You were too busy
    with that worm.
    Up that tree
    Till it’s your turn.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  3. Thank you, Bryn.
    Thank you, Jane.
    Thank you, David.
    Thank you, Mary Jo.
    Thank you, Buffy.

    I ENJOYED every single poem! You had me laughing and smiling all day with your unique take on my photograph. Thank you for sparking my imagination with new poems. I will never look at birds the same way and I will listen more attentively to their conversations.
    THANK YOU, David, for this FUN day.

    • And thank you, Cory, for providing us a good day of exercising our imaginations! I’m glad you had a good time too.

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