Group photo

Hi everyone,

My thanks to everyone who came to my fourth virtual blog party. Many of you traveled long distances so your efforts were especially appreciated. I thought you all might like a souvenir group photo, so here it is. Lots of smiling faces! If I left anyone out, or you were standing behind someone, I apologize.

I realized later that I had posed you in a really tough place so thanks for being patient with me, especially those who had to sit on the retaining wall, kneel between the fountain and tables, and even grin from the pool. You were all good sports.


15 comments on “Group photo

  1. My thanks to everyone who came to the party. Thanks to Susan and Janet for clean up. I hate clean up. Love a party.

    • It was another happy experience, Matt. Thank you for being here. I’m glad to know where the snoring was coming from!

  2. It only looks like you have a host of servants. I’m already privy to the breakfast in bed thing! And I noticed that you have ironed shirts when I first met you at the Barn.

    • When we first got married, Sandy ironed my shorts and handkerchiefs too. That mean old Maryann Wakefield took her aside and explained that she didn’t need to do that. My life was essentially ruined!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed myself again, Thank you David and Sandy! Looking forward to the next, though I think I’ll sit on the edge of the pool next time for the group photo instead of kneeling between planters 🙂

    • Good idea, Janine. We keep the patio vacuumed — well, Sandy does — but those pavers can be hard on the knees. Anyway, you pulled it off beautifully.

  4. Had a great time at your party, David. Love the photo– and my perch in the tree. It was an easy climb. (And I didn’t even need a ladder!)
    That’s me waving above Tim’s head.

    • Cory, I know how you like tree swings so I wasn’t surprised to see you climb that tree so easily! You were charming!

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