Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,
That swan was flying low and fast. Nearly missed it.

A new week and new challenges. I have three choices for how to spend the days. I can get back to a middle grade novel I started months ago and set aside because of a schedule conflict, pull an old chestnut from the files and attempt to resuscitate it, or return to a new idea I’ve been pecking at off and on lately. It feels like a good week and I wish the same for you.


5 comments on “Back in the wheel

  1. Back to the grind mill,
    post a weekend of fun.
    So many projects,
    what must I get done?

    Keep hold of the memories,
    of food, fun, and friends.
    We all know reality –
    the work never ends!

    • Where should I sit?
      How to begin?
      Tool of choice —
      keyboard or pen?

      Party’s the past.
      Present’s today.
      Where to begin?
      What is to say?

  2. So happy to hear
    I’m not the first one
    to sit and wonder
    what first to get done

    while party thoughts whirl
    fresh in my head
    the day came too early
    I just want my bed!

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