Wondering what today will bring

Hi everyone,

One down, four to go in this work week, and so far so good. Yesterday I finished a poem I started last week and unearthed an old proposal that had never been sent out. It was a pleasant, slow-paced day. I hope for more of the same today.

Do you ever get up with a feeling that something new is about to happen? This morning I keep thinking that any time something interesting is going to come my way. I’ll let you know if my tuition pans out.


6 comments on “Wondering what today will bring

  1. Morning! Your post made me think of a song from the musical West Side Story! “Something’s Coming” will be playing over and over in my head today! Hope your “something” shows up!

      • Indeed! I’m currently reading Stephen Sondheim’s collected lyrics, so your post made me think of WSS, too. Lots of good rhymes in those Broadway tunes! Good luck with the rest of your day/week, David.

      • Thank you, Jesse! So far so good. I hope you are enjoying your reading. Sondheim has a special talent.

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