Day three, going forward

Hi everyone,

Yesterday’s feeling that something good was coming turned out to be true. I started making plans for the NYC trip in the fall by making contact with some editors I’d love to see if they are available, and some keys ones will be. In the process I made a great new publishing contact. Now all I have to do is learn what he likes, write it the way he likes it, and get it to him at a time when he needs it. Piece of cake!

Early in the day I uncovered an old passion lingering unrequited in my files. I started it six years ago, wrote four poems, sent the idea to three editors, none of whom liked the subject, and then forgot about it. I hadn’t even bothered to write a proper proposal. I have no idea what I was expecting.

I spent the day happily engaged in revising three of the poems, discarding the fourth, and drafting a decent proposal to attach them to. I hope to finish it today.

So yes, Tuesday came through. The pressure is on you, Wednesday.