Putting an end to the week

Hi everyone,

It has been the good week. In addition to the old proposal I discovered in the files and sent out, I’ve spend my days writing new poems to expand another old idea I came across. I’ll keep pecking away at that one today and all of next week. By then I hope to have this one ready to send out.

This afternoon a tree service starts taking out the hackberry that fell into the lake as well as the remaining part still upright. It will take three or four days and will eventually leave an enormous empty space at the corner of the yard. So sad to see the tree go.


8 comments on “Putting an end to the week

  1. It gave you shade and home for birds,
    Provided you with lots of words.
    The empty space sure leaves you blue,
    But offers up a chance for new.

    • What sweet friends I have! Thank you, too, Susan. I bet that empty space will inspire poems I’ve never considered before.

  2. I have a bench I like to sit on beneath a redbud that looks upon some empty space. It is where I sit to listen to my thoughts. It is where many ideas come for writing and planning and fun. I suppose you could set a bench under some other shade and stare into that empty space that is so fresh. You may still hear the moaning of the hackberry roots that lost their tree. Perhaps you’ll discover the many critters too, who have become displaced. There may even be a sapling or seedling of some tree that has waited many years to feel the sunshine on its leaves and it will now make its own way to the sky. Ah the marvels of nature!

    • A splendid idea, Janine. I’ll pay special attention to that spot when the woodsmen leave. No telling what I’ll find to think about over there. Thank you.


    Who will fill her deep shoes
    when she no longer stands TALL?

    Who will fill her giant space
    when she ages and falls?

    How will I face the empty place
    where her presence should be . . . ?

    Fare well, lovely Tree.
    I will always miss thee.

    • Cory, thank you for putting into words the way I’m feeling now. You have captured the moment beautifully.

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