Goose Lake having an event

Hi everyone,

Goose Lake is having quite an event. Insects of some sort (yet to be identified) are emerging in large numbers, making the water look like it’s raining. Swifts dart across the surface, gorging on the protein treats. Their beaks leave small tears in the water that instantly heal themselves. My phone camera can’t do it justice, but here’s the best I can do.


6 comments on “Goose Lake having an event

    • Good morning, and thank you! Those ducks look like they’re swimming in the clouds, don’t they? They happened by just as I was setting up for the shot.

  1. New breakfast food for all the birds? What a phenomenon! I love the picture and your words, “small tears in the water”!

    • Hi, Linda! The birds skim across the water so fast you only know they’ve been there by the small rip they leave in the water. I’ll never get a picture of them but I keep trying.

    • Mary Nida, I know you must miss your own pond. Small bodies of water never lose their attraction. A day of watching is always worth the time.

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