Mystery solved

Hi everyone,

The other day I mentioned that hordes of insects were emerging from Goose Lake but I hadn’t spotted any to identify. I guessed they were damselflies. Turns out that’s what they are. Here’s one that posed for me yesterday. These dainty little meat eaters lay their eggs in fresh water and when the nymph is ready, it rises to the surface, splits out of its skin, and flies away, often into the waiting jaws of fish or beaks of birds.


12 comments on “Mystery solved

  1. Good Morning! Love that you solved your mystery and the picture. Now my wondering is how the millions? hatched all at once? I’m going to need to look for damselfly info! Thanks, David. Have a lovely day!

    • Hi Linda. Most life cycles like this one require that mating take place as soon as possible after emerging as adults. Huge numbers of these creatures mate during a brief period, lay their fertilized eggs in the water, and then attend to whatever life they have left. In some cases, adults don’t even have mouth parts and only live a matter of hours. Other species, such as dragonflies and damselflies, live longer and manage to whittle away at the small insect population before their time comes.

  2. I’m just a little damselfly,
    very much in distress.
    If only I could find a place,
    to slow my wings and rest.

    It seems I’ve found the perfect place,
    To sit and rest a spell.
    Then off I’ll speed to lay my eggs,
    And pray they all hatch well.

    • A damselfly with sex in mind
      Is much like any other kind
      Of male who needs to find a mate
      And sees one handy — great.

  3. Which is better, I have to ask –
    to lay my eggs and die?
    Or be a snack for a hungry fish
    who snabs me as I whiz by?

  4. Oh why can’t I be a lightning bug
    and dance through the night with glee?
    Instead I have a single job –
    To make millions more like me!

  5. I’ve lots to do
    and now must run.
    Damselfly poems
    now are done!

    Have a great day, David! Since I’ve given Danny a “honey do” list today, guess I should get busy, as well. Ha!

    • It was fun, dear Susan. I, too, have some errands with my name on them in heavy black marker. Let’s spread out and do good things.

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