Sweet dreams

Hi everyone,

Our thanks to Herman Johansen for inviting us to join his party last night at the Springfield Cardinals game against Tulsa Drillers. The Cards lost but it was a good game on a perfect night for baseball. Even at my age now I still long to throw a baseball again. I used to love to pitch. Every now and then I run across my high school letter in baseball and it brings back a lot of memories. I was never good at working out to get into shape before a season started. I didn’t have many friends who wanted to catch me. But I took summer jobs that helped build strength: unloading boxcars of bricks and sacks of cement, pouring concrete, working with a jackhammer, offloading concrete blocks from racks and stacking them. I always assured coach I was ready for the school season but truth is I nearly always played my way into shape starting with the first game.

It’s always good to see Herman. In addition to being a financial advisor, he’s a gifted actor and he has recently landed the leading role in a film to be shot in the Midwest. I look forward to seeing him in it! Herman, thanks again for last night and for the memories it stirred.


8 comments on “Sweet dreams

  1. I failed to send a “poem a day,”
    My morning just got in the way.
    Now I’ll sit and do my part,
    Today has had a better start!

    Let us know the movie your friend will be in. I’d love to see it! (I know someone whose house is in a recent movie. Knowing a person would be so much more fun!)

    • I’ll let you know, Susan. And thank you for kicking off the day with a poem! It’s going down well with my cereal and coffee!

  2. I assume it was a minor league game. Nothing more fun than that. We have the SF Giants AAA team here in Sacramento, and minor league games are soooooo much fun. I have some good, hard work for my grandson to do this summer to stay in shape. He is mostly a first baseman, but can play anywhere but center field (he’s a slow runner). He has a wicked knuckleball, but they use him as a closer — not a starter. I’m happiest when he is behind the dish, but he like first base. As you can see, your post tripped my trigger. Enjoy your summer evenings.

    • Good morning, Rosi. I’m glad my post brought back good memories for you too! Our farm club stadium here is very grand. We don’t go often to see a game but always enjoy it when we do. You’re right. Those young guys coming up give it their all.

    • Hi, Charles! Go Herm is right. I love to watch Herman at work. He’s sensational. As for my arm these days, I’m glad it has been replaced by a pen!

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