And what time is it, boys and girls?

Hi everyone,

Today begins an official period of some pretty serious goo foffing. (For the uninitiated, that’s how you spell it around here.) The turtles started begging last week. I have no idea who snitched but at Goose Lake there are few secrets.
We had a talk and I believe they understood. I’m going to keep an eye on them though.

I will remain in touch but it’s possible I won’t entertain a meritorious thought over the course of the coming days. You, on the other hand, may be miming applause for the break in the routine, and I don’t hold that against you. You are at all times thoughtful, sweet, responsive, and supportive. What an opportunity for you to turn to other pursuits for a while and take for granted that I’m around sand, books, and refreshments, though not necessarily in that order.

P.S. The turtles took it rather too quietly. I have an uneasy feeling . . .

16 comments on “And what time is it, boys and girls?

  1. The Turtle’s Secret Plan

    They’re gone at last.
    The place is ours.
    We’re throwing parties,
    giving tours.

    It’s Turtle Villa
    for a while.
    The pool’s our version
    of the Nile.

    I’ll write the invite,
    you bake tortes.
    We’ll borrow shirts,
    and hats, and shorts.

    We’ll drink their schnapps,
    We’ll be well fed,
    We’ll sing and dance,
    Sleep in their bed,

    We’ll party loud
    A week–or two.
    They’ll never know
    (They never do)

    xxxJaneY–have fun

    • Jane, your fun poetry always makes me smile, as does David’s blogging. Thank you, both of you, for the ‘other world’ I cherish!
      I envy the turtles at David’s poolside. 🙂
      Foffing goo,

    • Jane, dearest, I don’t know whether to thank you for such a fun sendoff or worry that you’ve put wicked thoughts into my turtles’ heads. I’m going to go with the former on the grounds that the turtles probably already have similar plans in place. XO!

  2. Turtles won’t be the only ones,
    to settle in and have some fun.
    Thanks to Facebook we ALL know,
    that Goose Lake is the place to go!

    LOL! No worries, David. We’ll all be good and wait for your return to Goose Lake before we “crash” with another blog party. Have fun goo foffing!

  3. Hi Jane! I do hope David’s heart doesn’t break, or his ceramic turtles! Maybe we should be on hand with some Super Glue, just in case!

  4. Hey! I can hear you! And you just don’t know. These turtles only look ceramic. Down deep they’re really truly real and they’re alive and they love me and I love them and so there. Ha ha ha. XO

  5. Let the Record Show

    Once there was a boy named David,
    Odd in youth, grew up deprav-ed,
    Believed in things that could not be,
    But so it was with David Lee.
    And in his dotage, even stranger,
    Became a reality re-arranger.

    Okay, off to finish packing. Love to all.

    • I’ve got the hinge. Who’s got nail and screwdriver?.When a friend gets entirely unhinged, we all have to band together and help. It’s the LEAST we can do. Hey–you turtles–you want to come along, too? You can screw in the first nail.. . .oh what’s that? You think David is already screwed?


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