Twiddle my thumbs?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Maryann Wakefield’s signing party was a wonderful success yesterday. She sold out of books in the first hour. After that people stood in line to place orders. Way to go Maryann!

Hi everyone,

This morning I’m reminded what it’s like to be a freelance author. I have nothing to do. In the past ten days I’ve finished (alone or with partners) the final touches on a poetry picture book, an educational book, a poetry chapter, a guest blog, and a middle-grade novel. These projects all started at different times but they all reached completion at about the same time.

Now they and several other projects are in other people’s hands and I have nothing with a deadline or that’s under contract to work on. Every morning I get up knowing what I’ll be writing that day. This morning I don’t. This is the hardest part of being a freelance writer: being a self starter. When there is nothing to do, we have to make something new happen. Otherwise we’re out of business.

Time to go to my ace in the hole. Remember the other day when I said that while waiting in a doctor’s office I’d listed subjects for a new collection I had in mind? This is the day when I return to that notion and begin to explore its possibilities. For now it will be my one and only task so I’ll focus entirely on it. If it’s what I hope it is, I’ll be busy for some time to come.

Found art

Hi everyone,

What do you think this is?

If you guessed a freshly vacuumed carpet by our house cleaning virtuoso, Linda Bass, you’re right. If you guessed a Japanese Meditation Garden, that’s what I always think of right after Linda leaves. I never want to be the first to track across her lovely work.

Announcing a book signing by Maryann Wakefield

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow our friend, Maryann Wakefield, will be signing her new novel, A GENTLE SUN COMING, at Barnes & Noble in Springfield from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. The store is at the corner of Glenstone and Battlefield.

If you don’t know Maryann, here is a bit more about her. She had a long and successful career as an elementary teacher and principal. She also worked in administration for the Springfield Public Schools district and taught courses at Drury University. These days she has more time to spend with her other passion, writing fiction inspired by a lifetime of observations, experiences, dreams and what-ifs. Among her affiliations, she sits on the board of Writers Hall of Fame, an organization that recognizes outstanding writers and promotes student writing, including a scholarship program for college bound future writers.

If you’re out and about tomorrow, I hope you’ll drop by Maryann’s signing to meet her and maybe buy a copy of her book. She’ll be glad to sign it for you.

Losing contact

Hi everyone,

My phone stopped receiving e-mails three days ago and this morning my computer has also stopped receiving them. For now the only way you can contact me electronically is via Facebook or comments here. I’ll try to fix the problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.