Muses seeking summer jobs

Hi everyone,

It’s time again to choose a word of the month. During summer doldrums, muse unemployment skyrockets. In order to focus public attention on their sad plight, I’ve chosen the word of the month for July to be MUSE.

I only hope it isn’t too late to save them from wrinkling away on the Old Muse Home front porch, rocking and reminiscing about the good old days when they hooked up with productive writers to produce wonderful literature for children around the world!

3 comments on “Muses seeking summer jobs

  1. Oh, Muse

    Oh Muse, I lose
    when you are far.
    You are my sun,
    my shining star,
    my cook and comfort
    when at home,
    my life-line
    when I drown
    in poem.
    My anchor,
    when I am stuck
    in line or list.
    Do not abandon
    your old friend.
    I send you love
    that does not end.

    A Desperate Author.

    PS Here’s chocolate

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Dear Jane,
      I love your poem and ask forgiveness for being so long in telling you so. I’ve been with family all day. This is my first opportunity to thank you for sharing your feelings in such a personal way. Although I’m not “your” David, I confess to giving that chocolate a second close look. XO

  2. A-Muse
    While travelling along the road I came upon a muse
    I couldn’t tell if he was she which branded me confused
    It greeted me with poetry, some Japanese Haikus
    Then circled round my little self, befuddled and bemused
    wondering the same as I which gender I could lose.
    There we stood, he-she and I, a choice on which to choose:
    Was he a she, or she a he? How could I make it prove?
    Then all at once we stared each down into our baby-blues,
    Answer is it matters not so long as your heart grooves
    with love and light, art and write, and rhyming in your clues.
    ©2017 Janine Clark-Barry

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