About that pickled finger . . .

Hi everyone,

Lest you think I’m not working hard enough at goo foffing, I offer this token of evidence.

With apologies to Omar Khayyam

(His version)
The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your tears wash out a Word of it.

The Pickled Finger wrote; and, having writ,
Realized: Red Wine had dulled its Wit,
Nor its sobriety could change a Line,
Nor all its tears wash out a Word of it.

7 comments on “About that pickled finger . . .

  1. Washing Words or Advice to A Pickled Writer

    “No more whining,” the old woman said,
    thinking it messed with your writer’s head.
    You thought, she meant no more wine.
    “I have my tipple, you have thine,”

    They fought a tug of wine for hours.
    Through sun and cloud and bucketing showers.
    The ribbing and comments round them flew
    Until the air and mood turned blue.

    At last hey ditched the whine for weeping,
    And soon the pickled two were sleeping.
    Arm in arm, and breast to chest.
    Making up is sure the best.


    • Oh what juicy fun, Jane! As I started line one of response, five people carrying bags of groceries walked in the room. The Goo Foffing gods are making it hard to stay in the game lately. I’ll be back as soon as they let me. Until then, XOXO!

    • Unpickling

      The breast to chesters slow to rise,
      rubbing rheumy reddened eyes,
      reached for wine or other tipple,
      but to find to their surprise

      The challenge had transmogrified
      to wineless morning magnified
      by stress of writing without Ripple
      and low and behold their brains unfried!

      So on they go these two great chums
      to march and sing by separate drums.
      Clear-headed they’ve seen their volume triple
      as they reach for pens when dawning comes.

      (c) David L. Harrison

  2. Love your version of Omar. I think my whole body is pickled; no AC since Friday. Tech just got it started. Is a 95 degree temperature in your office a good reason for not writing!

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