Goo foffing is a family thing

Hi everyone,


6 comments on “Goo foffing is a family thing

  1. I see all the people
    they’re having such fun!
    But where are the turtles
    I don’t see a one!

    They should be out bobbing
    among all these friends.
    With turtles along
    the fun never ends!

    Go send turtle invites –
    tell them to come fast.
    ‘Cause this type of party
    looks like a blast!

    • Dear Susan, thank you for tickling my carapace with your turtle poem. I’ve been out of touch today but couldn’t let the evening pass without a thank-you!

      • You’re so welcome! Glad to see you’re having fun! But WHERE are the turtles???

  2. Making the best of a summer day,
    Minus the turtles, off & away;
    Holiday people frolic & splash,
    For which there’s a rhyme,
    But I can’t think of it, not at this time….

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