Worse than I’d feared

Hi everyone,

This is more serious than I thought. I never even saw them come in.

I fear the worst: an infestation of turtles.


14 comments on “Worse than I’d feared

  1. Oh no, the turtles have launched their attack!
    You made them unhappy – there’s no turning back!
    Maybe some chocolate will soothe and appease.
    Do it quick, David! I’m begging you – please!

    Happy Friday to you, friend!

  2. An Infestation of Turtles

    The turtles are coming.
    It’s worse than you know.
    We’ll soon be invaded
    By Essence of Slow.

    Calvary of tortoise
    A veritable swarm.
    Will then be the norm.

    The world will stop spinning,
    And then you will see
    Everyone writing
    The same speed as me!


  3. They’re hiding in cushions,
    In cupboards as well,
    Under the sofas,
    Too many to tell.

    They’re tucked in my books,
    Snug in my chair,
    Reading my e-mail,
    They’re everywhere!

    I offered them chocolate,
    I served it with tea,
    They tell me they love me,
    They won’t let me be.

    I’m doing their laundry,
    The whole turtle zoo.
    With such royal treatment,
    I’d love me too!

    • You’ve got a BIG problem,
      it’s real plain to see!
      Sounds like you need backup –
      perhaps Jane and me!

      • We’ll pack up our suitcases,
        jump on a plane!
        Won’t let those green reptiles,
        drive you insane!

  4. Rescue Squad

    SueJane to the rescue,
    Ready as it gets.
    They’ve turned ontheir sirens
    Andtook out their nets.

    Chocolate for bait.
    The chocolate’s for us.
    Come along, little turtles
    and don’ make a fuss!

  5. I’m sitting here cackling as my three little turtles on the shelves go serenely about their decorative existence with no way to comprehend all they fun they’ve generated.

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