You never know where you’ll find a moose

Hi everyone,

I heard yesterday from a good friend, a professor on the west coast, that she’s featuring one of my poems in one section of her upcoming text. This isn’t a done deal yet so I’ll save the details for now, but the poem is an old favorite from WILD COUNTRY. It’s this one.

Moose At Dusk

At shadowy dusk,
when trees take faces
and stones move,
I hurry for home
thinking only
of leaving the forest
before full dark—
I’ve stayed too long.

When from the deepening gloom
you materialize
like a phantom beast—
high shouldered, massive,

Caught by surprise
I stare,
thinking how easily
you knew I was here.

Before my eyes you blend
with shadows, disappear.
I cannot blink you back,
but still you’re there.

Knowing I’m not alone,
I double my steps
and jog for home.

(c) by David Harrison (from WILD COUNTRY, Wordsong/Boyds Mills Press)
Posted with permission of the author