Goo foffing news

ANNOUNCEMENT: Today is Sandy’s birthday!!

Hi everyone,

The search is on for an artist for my next book of poems from Boyds Mills. Just got the word yesterday. No pub date yet but I’m delighted to reach this point. The subject is animals that roam after dark so the artist will need to render realistic depictions to meet science classroom teaching requirements. The poems are all finished now but I have a couple of weeks of work on end notes for each poem. I can’t do much from here but look forward to getting back into this project next week.

David reading with Noah Lawson

Also yesterday I learned that the education book I’m doing with Mary Jo Fresch for Scholastic is now set to come out late this year instead of early 2018. It should be out in time for NCTE in November so I can sign copies when I’m there.


17 comments on “Goo foffing news

  1. Have them look at Bob Marstall’s work. He was the first illustrator to win an Orbis Pictus. He’s won John Burrows awards and other npnfictional and landscape picure books. He’s just done two books with me for Cornell: On Duck Pond and On Bird Hill. FInishing up ON GULL BEACH. HE has done books on butterflies, prairie dogs, crows, underwater creatures, etc.

    • He would be excellent, Jane. Thank you. I’ll pass the suggestion on to BMP. And congratulations on your group.

    • Hi, Su. Many thanks. I’m always eager to see who winds up illustrating one of my books. I’ve been blessed with many wonderful artist partners.

  2. Hi Jeanne! The dedication on this next book reads: With All My Love to My Wife, Sandy, Who is Always There. Other than that, it’s coffee and papers in bed as usual.

    • Hi, Jeanne. The dedication of this next book reads: “With all my love to my wife, Sandy, for always being there.” Otherwise, it’s coffee and papers in bed as usual.

    • Hey Renee!! It’s a treat to see you pop up here. And thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated!

  3. Where have you been all these months when I’ve been dying for you? Goo offing all this time? LMK. I miss you.

    • And just where have you been, my dear??? I thought you didn’t love me anymore. Imagine how I’ve been feeling!

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