Winding down

Hi everyone,

Two days left of goo foffing. It has been lovely. The turtles don’t want to see us go. I’ve promised them I’ll be back but I don’t think they understand. They’re beginning to gather in small groups to whisper among themselves. I hate to leave them, but what can I do? I’ve even caught a couple messing around my keyboard and one managed to pull up my flight schedule.

Today I hope to finish revising the last of a set of poems for a collaborative effort with Pat Lewis and Steve Withrow. If I don’t finish before we leave, it will be difficult to find the time I need come Monday. Wish me luck.


11 comments on “Winding down

  1. Good LUCK, my friend. You & Sandy have already enjoyed a thick slice of it, having contrived to be away here lately from Springfield, where the temp. was a toasty 180º

  2. I am so glad to hear that you are writing while goo foffing David, since that is the only way a writer knows how to complete a day anyway! Poo poo to those who think its cheating (though I know it is a kind jibe), it would be cheating your joy to refrain from what is your very character. You are really and truly living the life most writers dream of. At least what I dream of.
    Enjoy it all!

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