Easing back to work

Hi everyone,

Last full day. I decided to spend part of it signing books at Sundog Books at Seaside. I hope I can still spell my name. Goo foffing takes a lot out of you.


2 comments on “Easing back to work

  1. Hello, David. So glad to see that you enjoyed Seaside and had a book signing at the bookstore there. Are you familiar with the writing conference at Seaside every May? I am a member of SCBWI Midsouth and have been trying to interest the leadership for the writers’ conference in including children’s writers and writing for children in their workshop offerings. If you are interested in speaking to the leadership, email me and I can send you their contact information. We have many talented, published writers in the Midsouth chapter which is a day’s ride from Seaside. Easily attainable for Midsouth writers to conduct workshops and attend.
    I enjoy your blog postings daily as well as your poetry. Keep working at it. No more goo ffing off for a while:)
    Pat Nesbitt

  2. Greetings, Pat. Thank you for getting in touch. I’m unfamiliar with the Midsouth SCBWI conference but it sounds interesting. I’ve keynoted state SCBWI conferences in Missouri and New Jersey so I would like to hear more about this one. Thanks for whatever information you can provide!

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