Why Poetry? Check it out

Hi everyone,

My good friends and colleagues, Laura Robb and Evan Robb, invited me to the blog they share with educators and friends of children’s literature. I was delighted to contribute my response to their prompt: Why Poetry?” I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it and let me know what you think. Here’s the link. http://therobbreviewblog.com

While you’re there, please familiarize yourself with their blog and all that Laura and Evan have to offer. He’s a highly recognized school principal, author, and speaker, and she is famous everywhere for her work as a teacher, coach, speaker, and author.


6 comments on “Why Poetry? Check it out

  1. Great blog post, David. Especially the first sentence. But I do have to disagree on one point. Many, many of us would notice if you stopped – and would care!

  2. Great post and explanation of “Why Poetry?” And for those of us who write free verse,
    maybe a third grader would like that, too, if the images were just right!

    • Free verse works beautifully, Tina. It represents a smaller segment of the total menu but good free verse, as you know so well, paints incredible pictures that kids and adults love!

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