Now hear this

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I went to have a hearing checkup. Nothing has changed. I still use my trusty hearing aides when necessary, which isn’t often. I usually forget to take them with me. They should last forever. While sitting in the waiting room and later in the chair where the doctor would examine me, I jotted down twenty-one ideas for poems for a new book I have in mind. Carrying a pocket pad sure has its advantages.


10 comments on “Now hear this

    • Ha! Sometimes I take a book to read but lately I’ve taken to making notes or working on something. You never know how long you’ll have to wait in some doctor’s offices..

  1. For 6 years I only wore my hearing aids when I went to the opera. I liked being able to choose which stimulation to allow. And I read lips.
    And I need to take notes in Calligraphy rather than write headlines in tweets. Kinky artist that I am…

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