One to go

Hi everyone,

Whew! This morning I’ll finish the end notes for AFTER DARK, my next book with Boyds Mills Press. There are twenty-two poems (1,439 words) in this group so it meant twenty-two 100-word end notes (2,200 words), each on a different animal. More and more I’m grateful for those degrees in biology! The layout for a 3,639 word picture book is going to be tricky. I might consider dividing it into two titles if it runs too long. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

I’ll spend most of the day going back over each piece, circling and double checking key points. By this afternoon I plan to click the final manuscript off to Mary Colgan and take a minute to celebrate.

If there’s time, I’ll get back to a long story that’s less than a week from completion. If there isn’t, I’ll declare happy hour!