Losing contact

Hi everyone,

My phone stopped receiving e-mails three days ago and this morning my computer has also stopped receiving them. For now the only way you can contact me electronically is via Facebook or comments here. I’ll try to fix the problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.


3 comments on “Losing contact

  1. We like it, then love it
    And give it our trust,
    But sooner or later
    Technology goes bust!

    Don’t get discouraged,
    Let patience prevail!
    You’ve got a good backup…
    There’s always snail mail!

    • Sigh. You’re certainly right about our love/hate relationship with technology, Su. Right now it’s not showing me much love while I’m having my snit. But thank you for the poetic smile. That I liked!

      • You’re welcome! I’m still pecking away one finger at a time on my cell phone. Glad we’ll be home tonight. Can hardly wait to see the corgis!

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