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Yesterday I was filling out a questionnaire for a promotions manager regarding a book coming out in the spring — a tedious but necessary task to be done now and then. In looking up the address for Maya Kucij, director of the Children’s Literature Festival held annually on the UCMO campus in Warrensburg, MO, I ran across the listings of authors who have donated papers to the university’s archival collection.

Next year will mark the festival’s 50th anniversary. It was started by teacher Phil Sadler and librarian Ophelia Gilbert.

When Phil and Ophelia retired, the festival continued to flourish under the great leadership of Naomi Williamson, and when Naomi retired not long ago, the reins were handed to Maya. We who write or illustrate books for kids count our blessings for this wonderful event and the folks who make it all happen.

You can go to the link provided to see how large the collection of donated manuscripts has grown in the university library over the years. I’m proud to have many of my things in it. They fill three dozen boxes or more. I have a lot more in my basement that I need to place before the humidity ruins them.

To show how times have changed, my original donation included over 1,100 letters to and from editors, fans, and others involved in my efforts. Today? Letters? Really?


4 comments on “Archived

  1. Letters! Really! And writers today think that publishing is slow! It’s great to know that the University is preserving the history of children’s lit and that you are part of it!

    • Thank you, Jane. I don’t know how often these old papers are visited but at least they are preserved in a safe place and I take pleasure in knowing they are there.

  2. What a great idea! It would be fun to sit and look through some of these papers someday! And, call me old fashioned, but letters are still interesting to me!

    I’m excited (and a bit sad) that when my grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, no one wanted her two boxes of hand-written journals that scan decades of her life! Can you believe that? Well – guess who brought them home to read? ME! I can hardly wait to curl up with a cup of hot tea and learn more about my Mimi.

    • Glad you managed to save your grandmother’s journals! I have a few of my mother’s hand-written family history notes and guard them.

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