It was some day

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was a good day. I pulled back a story that had been stuck with an editor for more than ten months and sent it to someone else. She responded in sixteen minutes that she likes it and will take it to committee. In a seven minute period I heard from that editor plus two colleagues, Tim Rasinski and Mary Jo Fresch, on separate book projects that we’re starting. Now both of those future books (fingers crossed) are moving along into the proposal stage. This all happened by 8:00 a.m. What a strange business. In the last few days I’ve placed one book for sure, three others with strong probability, and started two more. Just when I was about out of something to do — remember last week when I got up without a task? — now I’m full boat with projects to attend to.

Yesterday I also stopped what I was doing long enough to comply with a request from my editor at Boyds Mills Press who needed all my research notes/resources for a book of nonfiction poems scheduled for 2019. I pulled them together — all 74 pages, 25,500 words — and sent them to her.

The afternoon news was of a different sort. I received an e-mail from Boyds Mills Press informing me that due to a change in distributors twelve of my old titles are being taken out of the line. Boom. Like that. So if you have ever wanted a copy of any of the following titles, here’s your notice.
Farmer’s Dog Goes to The Forest
Farmer’s Garden (p)
Somebody Catch My Homework (p)
Pirates (p)
Piggy Wiglet…Great Adventure
Connecting Dots
Vacation: We’re Going to the Ocean

At the risk of sounding redundant, it’s a strange business we’re in.


8 comments on “It was some day

  1. I had the same BOOM from Boyds iMlls a week and a half ago. First, they are violating contracts that say I have to be given notice when things are in danger, not when they go BOOM. (There is legal language for this.) And second–when a big company like Random takes over your distribution and sales, you are treated like the low man on their
    vast distribution channels and anything you had gained before by being loved and cared for by a small publisher disappears immediately. I think before this only one of my books (maybe two) of the many I had with BMP had gone OP. Now close to a third. Sigh.


    • Some of these titles have won awards, been on state reading lists, etc. Like you, I had no idea this was coming. I’ll have my rights returned but you know what the chances are for finding another publisher. After online and distributor stocks are gone, the only way to find these titles will be at garage sales and in used book stores. Sigh is right.

  2. I’m excited about your new ventures, but sad about the others, David. I have some, will look for the others. The Pirates book is one of my favorites of yours.

    • Thank you, Linda. I really hate to see them go, especially Pirates, Somebody Catch My Homework, and bugs. Guess I’ll have to write more.

  3. Nice to hear you have some more titles working their way into distribution, but so disappointing that some tremendously good ones like ‘Pirates’ & ‘ Cowboys’ will be silenced. And I’m shocked to hear how many of Jane’s will be discontinued, as well.

    • Good morning, Matt, and thank you. When CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS comes out next year, it will be my first BMP book in seven years. During that long hiatus, sales have run their course on some of my 28 earlier books there. I’m more saddened than surprised.

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