But I’m hungry, Mama

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I entertained myself watching a fledgling robin hanging out in a planter outside our living room. The youngster wasn’t convinced it could fly although it made some successful hop-flights here and there around the planter. The parents kept watch from surrounding trees and occasionally brought a berry or worm to keep their baby going. My pictures are poor because they were taken through the window glass and I cranked up the magnification. Symbolically, the fledgling seemed attracted to an angel sculpture in the planter.

At first the youngster didn’t know how to take that silent figure with its hand extended. In time it got over its concern and cleaned itself without regard to what the angel might think. Then it became seriously hungry and started looking around for a parent. It was a big world and hunger was an urgent matter. You could almost hear its plea: “Mama? Poppa? Where are you?” From a nearby tree, a streak of feathers, a parent was suddenly there. The exchange was so quick that I missed it a number of times. The fledgling crouched, opened its beak, the parent stuffed the morsel in, and was gone in a flash. This was the best I could do.