Do you even recognize me now?

Hi everyone,

This is a long story.

Chapter One: my hair and eyebrows turn white. With my sometimes ruddy complexion, my eyebrows make me look rather like a raccoon in car lights.

Chapter Two: Sandy mentions this situation now and then and the gentleman who does her hair, my friend Ray Thomason, mentions this situation now and then.

Chapter Three: As a gift, Ray sends Sandy the chemicals necessary to turn a man’s eyebrows a shade darker than white.

Chapter Four. I spend twenty minutes on my back on the floor while Sandy applies the magic potion.

Chapter Five: Here I am gazing at the new me in my clever disguise. I figure I must look, what, fifteen years younger? Thanks to Ray and Sandy, I hope I don’t have to start beating off the chicks.


23 comments on “Do you even recognize me now?

  1. Fear-monger, or The Old Man Who Called Wolf

    They said David died.
    And I worried.
    I should have guessed how
    and not hurried.

    His eyebrows had changed.
    Face was now re-arranged,

    T’was a dye job–
    he never was buried.


  2. Bring on the Botox! Roll out the red carpet! Are you ready for the body wrap? I rather thought you were charming just the way you were. Your pliability under you wife’s suggestion for the new look sings measures to your love and dedication to her. That, too, is charming!

  3. On fb I will post Mr Magoo who reminds me of the new eyebrow quest. Of course, if you wore glasses, they would cover the white brows thereby granting you a ferocious frown if you chose. And, unlike Magoo, you have hair on top to look distinguished. And you are not near-sighted as he is. You are gifted with a fine wife also. He not so much! Aren’t we fortunate to spend time frolicking thus…I’m off to find you on fb…

    • I LOVED Mr. Magoo! I used to wear glasses and I was quite nearsighted — enough so that the navy and army both turned me down for service — but good old cataract surgery took care of my vision problems.

  4. David, David
    quite contrary,
    didn’t like his
    shade of hairy.

    Got a bottle
    laid on floor,
    now his brows
    are white no more.

    Love the color
    looks so keen,
    Pray pool time
    won’t turn them green!

    Please forgive me! LOL! I actually like your brows – either way!

    • Oh dear, I hadn’t thought of that, Susan. I wonder how I’ll look with green eyebrows? Something out of WICKED? I love your poem. Thank you!

  5. David Needs a New Nickname

    In the light of the moon
    he was pegged Mr. Raccoon
    (his eyebrows were gleaming bright white)

    until one afternoon
    (so his sweetheart would swoon)
    he colored them dark as the night.

    • I believe you are onto something, Buffy. How about “The brown-browed old poop?” Well, anyway, thanks for the poem. I like it!

    • Thanks, Rosi. Instead of a bat, I printed out a sign to carry that says, “You must quit in, oh, half an hour or so.”

  6. Laughed out loud! My husband’s beard turns white but not his hair so everyone thinks he dyes his hair but he doesn’t. His beard–well a little color so he doesn’t look like Gabby Hayes!

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