August beauty

ANNOUNCEMENT: Today on Kathy Temean’s blog she’s featuring me with an essay (Why Poetry?) I wrote for Evan and Laura Robb’s blog recently. I hope you’ll visit Kathy’s blog and leave a comment if you wish. Here’s the link:

Hi everyone,

A lot of beauty on the patio this time of year thanks to a cool, rainy month instead of the usual bleaching, dry highs of 90 degrees. I took this through my dining room window. Later I noticed the ubiquitous water hose. It gets a lot of use around here so I guess it has a right to be present in the picture.

We sat outside last night and dined on pork tenderloin, salad, and broccoli. Goose Lake was a mirror. A pair of squirrels chasing each other for sport ran past our feet, a beautiful green hummingbird entertained us as it made its way from blossom to blossom around the patio, lingering at the hibiscus blooms, at one point two feet from my face. It was a serene evening. You need one of those now and then.