A day rummaging through files

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I received the article written about my work that will be appear in an upcoming edition of SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR. This will be my fourth time in the publication (1999, 2007, 2013 and this one) and each time I’ve been impressed by the work an assigned writer puts into it. I added a few updates, wrote a short essay about my work (at their request) and sent it back yesterday. Without illustrations it runs twelve pages. Probably more than anyone wants to know about this author. Anyway, it’s done.

Then I turned to updating my vita, a chore I hadn’t tackled since 2014. Now and then I need such a document to accompany submissions for conference proposals and such. That task took three hours and the document now runs nine pages, proof of my age if nothing else.


7 comments on “A day rummaging through files

  1. I think we should all sit down and reflect more often like this, David. It’s easy to think “I haven’t accomplished anything” – but upon reflection, that’s usually not the case! Good for you! (Be sure to leave a lot of blank pages, as I’m sure you’ll need them in the coming years to list more accomplishments!)

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