Bring it on

Hi everyone,

This promises to be a good week. Jane Yolen and I are into a new book so I’ll work on that. Wyatt Townley (former Kansas Poet Laureate) and I are thinking through the possibility of doing something together so I’ll work on that. Mary Jo Fresch and I are into the final tweaks before our book goes to the printer so I’ll work on that.


I need to provide manuscripts and other information to my agent so I’ll work on that. And I hope to get a yes from an editor who wants a manuscript I have with her. It will be a busy week with lots of work and few interruptions. I’m buckling in.


11 comments on “Bring it on

    • Hooray for you, Diane! Keep turning those words around until they finally fall into the best order. It’s quite a game we play.

  1. Make sure you leave just a teeny bit of time to have fun!! I’m off today for my first day of subbing this school year – booked solid for the next two weeks! Happy Monday to us both!

    • Wow! You’re going to be a busy lady, Susan. Enjoy your “day off” and get ready for all those young faces you’ll be with. I bet I get to meet some of them too.

      • But of course, dear David, I’m sure I’ll mention you a time or two today! Gotta make sure these 2nd graders know about poetry (and how much fun it is!) at an early age!

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