A little Greek in all of us

Hi everyone,

We’re beginning to get our heads back in CST but it hasn’t been easy. Last night we crashed at 9:30 (my M.O.W. insists it was 8:30), and this morning at 3:30 she bounced out of bed and started ironing and cleaning house.

In eleven days we visited Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Delos. Quick impressions: pigeons, stray cats, sun, rocks, narrow crowded streets, buses, motorcycles, restaurants, shops, friendly helpful people, quirky electricity in rooms governed by room keys, low hard beds, excellent food, lots of fish on menus, good wine at good prices, ancient ruins, acropolis, temples, hedgehog, difficult walking over rocky uneven surfaces, wandering dogs, beaches with rocks and gravel instead of sand, treacherous footing getting into and out of the water, some women who forgot to pack their swimsuit tops, white buildings, blue waters, majestic scenes.

This was Greece, where so much happened that helped shape our ideas about democracy. We were there! We walked where fabled statesmen and philosophers and teachers worked and thought and taught and made history. And we had the pleasure of enjoying it all with our good friends, Mary Jo and Hank Fresch. I’ll show you a few more pictures along the way but don’t want to bore you with them.


A sporting proposition

Hi everyone,

In my mail when we returned was an advance copy of A PLACE TO START A FAMILY, coming out in January from Charlesbridge. I’ve shown you the cover before but here it is again.

Amazon seems to be taking advance orders now so I propose this: If you order a copy, you’ll be qualified to post a review/comment once the book comes out. I’ll wait for 30 days after the official pub date and draw a name from those who post a review, good or bad. I’ll send the one I draw from a hat an autographed book that can be a gift for someone else.

I’ve never tried this before but let’s see how it goes. Enough comments might help sell the book but the pool of names may still be small enough that chances of winning the extra book could be good.

Home again!!

Hi everyone!

Been to Greece and have pictures to prove it: Athens from atop the Acropolis. More to come. Trust me.

The trip going took nineteen hours. Coming home, Air France delayed us at our Paris connection so we missed our Atlanta connection and got to enjoy an additional five hour layover in Atlanta. Finally got home and to bed last night after being up for thirty hours.

Glad we went, glad to be home. Lots to talk about — soon.


NCTE schedule

Hi everyone,

Sandy Asher would like for you know about an event coming up that might be of interest to you. Here’s the scoop. https://epa.scbwi.org/events/poetry-day-in-lancaster-pa . I know Sandy (and who doesn’t) so we know this will be a great event or she wouldn’t be involved in it. If you have questions, contact Lindsay Bandy lkbandy84@yahoo.com

On other matters, my schedule is now in place for NCTE this fall in St. Louis. On Friday, November 17, Mary Jo Fresch and I will make a one hour fifteen minute presentation about how to prepare students to research their subject before writing about it. Immediately following, we’ll sign our new Scholastic book, which will be out just in time for the conference, 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS. Here’s a look at the cover.
7 Keys_cov_tf-rev
On Saturday I’ll sign copies of NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T at the Charlesbridge booth from 11:00 – 12:00 then go to the Authors’ Luncheon from 12:30 – 2:15. I’m not speaking at that event but I’ll be at a sponsored table (Thanks Charlesbridge!) with free books for ticketed guests who join me for lunch. NOW YOU SEE THEM is one of NCTE’s picks this year for Notable Books of Poetry for Children. My next title with Charlesbridge, A PLACE TO START A FAMILY, won’t be out yet but promotional pieces will be available. The pub date is January 6.