The word of the month for September is . . .

Hi everyone,

Happy September 1st! Four months to go, which means, among numerous other things, four more word of the month challenges in 2017. I hope you’ll join me every month to make the most of these opportunities to stretch our own imaginations as we watch other poets stretch theirs.

Now that I think about it, I suggest STRETCH as our word for September. How’s that suit you?

On another subject, I heard yesterday from Joy Acey. She, Jeanne Poland, and Cory Corrado are enjoying Eileen Spinelli’s poetry retreat at the Barn in Honesdale. I first met all three at my first workshop there in 2011. I’m glad we’ve all remained in touch and those three worthy poets continue to journey to Pennsylvania now and then to refresh, reflect, and write.

11 comments on “The word of the month for September is . . .

  1. Strertch

    Some stretches good–
    You stretch your mind
    and leave all prejudice

    Or stretch marks from
    a baby’s birth.
    Those are stretches
    fully worth

    discomfort, pain.
    But oh that wretch–
    all writers know–
    the budget stretch.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Stretch the legs,
    stretch the arms.
    Not much pain,
    Did no harm.

    Workout’s done,
    full speed ahead!
    Toss off covers,
    get out of bed.

  3. living with you is a “stretch”:

    climbing to the man-cave
    hanging from the monkey bars
    lowering the toilet seat

    moving the car seat back
    clearing the dishes in the sink
    moving things from the washer to dryer

    folding the clothes
    stacking on shelves
    finding the remote

    cleaning the bird poop from the deck
    balancing the tires on the Rogue
    waxing the paint

    manicuring your nails
    tailoring your pants
    listening to your encyclopedic lessons

    starting over each day
    taking time for the tidbits
    being washed downstream with you.

    coo coo ki choo!

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