Lazy morning, lazy day

Hi everyone,

I slept in this morning. I do love an occasional lazy weekend morning! Sandy is watching her regular Sunday morning news show. I’ll go out for the paper in the driveway after a while. The coffee tastes good. Nothing special on the day’s agenda until this evening when we’ll go to Robin and Tim’s for dinner. We spent an hour in the pool yesterday and will probably get in again today. Might have a Bloody Mary.

Last night I received a wonderful poem from Wyatt Townley for the book we’re working on. Neither of us knows if there’s a publisher out there for this particular project but we’re having a good time anyway and of course Wyatt is a terrific poet.

Next week I have some submissions going to committee at a couple of places so that’s something to look forward to. Haven’t heard anything yet about two that went to committee last week at a different publisher so I don’t know if that’s good news or bad. Guess I’ll find out before long.

Have a good long weekend everyone.