The light show

Hi everyone,

We have an outdoor security light that is motion activated. For the last few days and nights it has been stuck on so we have light all day and all night. I need to try to fix it but in the meantime I’m enjoying the nightly show. An orb spider has taken advantage of the situation by building its web between a nearby brick wall and a cherry tree only a few feet from the night light and the small insects attracted to it. That’s one full little spider.

And over on our living room window last night another small carnivore was having a wonderful time too. It found a web across the glass and was busily crawling around in it snapping up whatever bugs it could find as others continued to get stuck on what was left of the sticky web.

When I finally get that night light turned off, I’ll probably get hate mail from the orb spider and the mantis.

Sometimes it takes so little to make me happy!


20 comments on “The light show

  1. Strange orb glows with light so bright,
    Luring insects through the night.
    Bugs too small to see by day,
    Spider loves the night buffet!

  2. Hate Mail from the Orb

    The light was fine.
    It helped me dine.
    The web well lit–
    Used all of it.
    I had a ball
    On insects all.
    My feeding trough–

    Why turn it off?

    Yours NOT truly,
    Mrs. Orb Spider

    • The Owner’s Response

      Dear Orb,

      For shutting down your windfall flies,
      you think I should apologize.
      Well just be glad you got your fill
      and didn’t have to pay the bill.

      Now move your web some other place
      before I catch it on my face.
      You’ve had you fun and that was fine.
      Now move along or I’ll have mine.

      Most un-sincerely,
      The Proprietor

      • Dear Prop:

        Threats Not Wanted

        I don’t take lightly
        to insults.
        A spider lady
        likes results.
        Feed me flies
        and I am yours.
        I web your doors.

        Still not thine,
        Mrs. Orb Spider

      • My Darling Ms. Orb

        Dear Ms. Orb,
        sweetheart, honey,
        don’t blame me
        for saving money.

        Here’s what I’ll do
        to make things right:
        each week you’ll have
        one night of light.

        That’s one for you
        and six for me.
        More than fair,
        don’t you agree?

        Can’t we all just get along?
        The Proprietor

  3. Dear Prop:

    Your offer isn’t
    very great,
    and not a big

    Yet, I suppose
    I should make nice.
    But really I want
    lights on twice.

    So let’s agree
    To Five and two.
    A guarantee
    I won’t web you.

    Almost yours,
    Mrs. Orb Spider

    • At Last

      Mrs. O.,
      then we agree:
      two for you
      and five for me.

      But please take down
      your web by day
      in case I need
      to walk that way.

      You’re a feisty spider,
      Mrs. O.
      I’m glad we’re neighbors,
      don’t you know.

      Peace at last,
      The Proprietor

      • Dear Prop:

        Don’t get ahead.
        Two isn’t peace.
        You have a bit,
        a rest, a lease.

        not an end.
        An ally now,
        though not quite friend.

        History reminds:
        that war
        is something we
        are often for.

        And peace–uncertain
        that way lies.
        We only know
        we need our flies.

        Sent from the web.

        Mrs. Orb Spider

  4. From Mr. Orb Spider

    You’re both so kind
    to help my wife,
    but do you care
    about my strife?

    For once I mate
    (or maybe twice),
    I’m just a meal
    which isn’t nice!

    Perhaps you’ll find it
    in your heart,
    to let me mate –
    then make new start.

    A place inside
    sounds mighty fine,
    Where I can safely
    live and dine.

    No dice, you say
    and shake your head.
    Look twice before
    you hop in bed!

    With love,
    Your cuddly Mr. Orb Spider

    • It’s a Deal

      Okay, this shouldn’t be
      so hard.
      You’ll have your corner
      of the yard.

      Lights three nights
      of every week —
      time to capture
      what you seek.

      We have a deal,
      it seems to me.
      Ms. O, I hope
      that you agree.

      Relieved and happy,

    • Oh Good Grief!

      I beg you please
      leave me alone.
      I have problems
      of my own

      dealing with
      your darling wife
      whose wit can cut you
      like a knife.

      If she feels nibbly
      when you mate,
      man up to your
      gruesome fate.

      One thing we share
      is this, by damn,
      when she says jump,
      we say, “Yes Ma’am.”

      But stay out of my bed,
      Mr. Prop to you

      • I’m Moving!

        With your hard heart
        I’ll always lose…
        perhaps I’ll sneak
        upon your cruise!

        Curled up tightly
        in a sock,
        “Surprise, surprise!”
        When at the dock!

        Best start packing
        this very night,
        Dress and casual –
        black and white!

        Perhaps I’ll stay
        aboard for good,
        I’m growing tired
        of your neighborhood!

        Bon Voyage!
        Mr. Orb Spider

  5. Darn!

    My fate is set
    to no avail,
    without a passport
    I can’t sail.

    So I will stay
    and please my wife,
    although it means
    a shortened life.

    Remember me
    on summer nights,
    as all my offspring
    spin by lights.

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