Be safe

Hi everyone,

This morning we’re watching pictures of the devastating storm in Florida coming on the heels of the one that did so much harm in Texas and Louisiana. I can’t think of anything playful to say. Today I remain silent and send my thoughts and wishes to all who are in harm’s way or have already been impacted. I wish you strength and courage.



2 comments on “Be safe

  1. I’ve been on hurricane watch nearly 24/7. Have friends near Ft. Lauderdale and family near Tampa. I’m writing this on the 13th with good news for my Florida contacts. All escaped damage but what a tense time! I just wish this were true for everyone. Mother Nature is showing us who is boss. And it isn’t us.

    • Tina, I’m glad your friends and family escaped from the awful destruction that so many have suffered. We have a similar good story about our daughter-in-law’s mother and a sibling. Lot’s of tension and waiting, and it’s just beginning.

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