Uh, you missed one.

Day 5

Hi everyone,

Great artists sometimes are forced to forgo the joy of work in order to record for posterity the labors of others. For example:


12 comments on “Uh, you missed one.

  1. Harrison’s Wife v. Charon

    She rows across the pool with her scoop
    picking up the leaves and avian poop,
    looking like the boatman of the Styx.
    There’s nothing that this woman cannot fix.

    if Heaven needs a river-crossing wide,
    with groaning passengers on either side,
    my money’s on your wife to make it through.
    There’s nothing that this woman cannot do.


    • The Multi-tasker Wins

      Although Charon might think himself hot stuff,
      he only did one task, far from enough
      to match the woman scooping with a net.
      She’s the one on whom I place my bet.

      While scooping leaves she plots against the weeds,
      and casts her eyes about for further needs.
      There’s nothing that my M.O.W. can’t fix.
      Does she worry about the boatman? Fiddle-Styx.

  2. Oh dear David,
    silly dude!
    Why aren’t you helping?
    Don’t be rude!

    But as a female
    I’ll confess,
    Sometimes it’s best
    I clean the mess.

    Girls have our ways,
    we craft our plan
    to get things done
    without a man.

    So do feel safe
    to sit and think,
    But when she’s done
    provide a drink!

    • Good morning, Su! Points well taken. Indeed, I did prepare something cool over ice. I considered us even. I’m very much afraid she did not. But a guy does his best.

  3. LOL! Oh – Danny and I have our “things” as well. Some things are just “my” jobs, and some things are just “his” jobs. For instance, I trimmed all the branches off of four big cedar trees yesterday (for fire mitigation. They were too close to the house). Now it’s his job to cut out the stumps and haul all the branches away! Sounds fair to me – ha! Have a great Monday!

    • Yup. We, too, have his and hers jobs but there’s more of an overlap than there once was. Who knew I would one day be doing laundry and she would be scooping leaves?

  4. Boy oh boy, that Mrs. Harrison’s a treasure:
    Useful ’round the house & for the eye, a pleasure;
    Wise & clever, her skills so varied,
    What a babe that David married!

    • Good morning, dear. You know, of course, that such lavish praise might go to her head and cause me headaches down the road? On the other hand, she’s worth it. So thanks!

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