Got it!

Hi everyone,

I received news yesterday that Holiday House is making an offer for my 100th book. It’s a book for the very young about how the body works. I wrote it a year ago tailored to the needs of an editor at a different publisher. He never responded to follow-up queries over the next eleven months.

One month ago I finally notified him that I needed to hear something by the end of that week or I would try somewhere else. No response. I went to Holiday House, where an immediate expression of interest was signaled. And first thing yesterday morning I got the glad word.

I’m happy the wait is over! Well … now of course I’m waiting for #101. (:>


37 comments on “Got it!

  1. Woo hoo!

    One hundred books
    Is quite a lot!
    from Boy with Drum
    to book for tots!

    Keep writing ’cause
    Your job’s not done,
    we cannot wait
    for 101!

    Congrats, David!!

    • Jane, thank you very much. I have one going to committee today that just might be #101. I hope to know later in the day or at least soon.

  2. Great reminder to us all to never give up! (And to editors to keep track of the jewels on their desk!) Congratulations, and I can’t wait to read this one to my grandson!

    • I’m smiling, Vicki. I was tempted to send a nanner nanner nanner to the first editor but somehow managed to control the urge.

  3. David on his Hundredth

    Huzzah, huzzah,
    You won the race,
    you stayed the course,
    picked up the pace.
    You didn’t fall
    down on your face.
    And what is more,
    t’was done with Grace. *

    *for those who don’t know–that’s the name of the editor!


  4. In one sentence, How does the body work?
    While I was a nun, I tried getting books for my 3rd grade class, about how babies were made. It was a Catholic elementary school and my Mother Superior had to rescue me. Was the 1960’s and the age of Aquarius…….

    • Ha! Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end. I chose to tell this story by showing a body in action and explaining in simple terms how each part contributes.

  5. How WONDERFUL, David!
    100! And you’re just getting started.
    Keep them coming. But before immersing yourself in BOOK 101, a ‘Holiday’ might be in order. — on the ‘HOUSE’ perhaps!

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