Off to a good start

Hi everyone,

First of all, I have no idea how “Remembering Dr. Bond” managed to become the title when I started this post yesterday. I didn’t put it there. Laura was my biology professor and advisor at Drury University and I have wonderful memories of her. She guided me toward Emory University for my graduate work in parasitology. She also managed to pull strings to get me into a Drury writing class — my one and only as a student there — although I lacked the prerequisites needed for the course. Dr. Bond changed my life in important ways and I have written about her in the past.

But for this post I started to say that I’d just checked A PLACE TO START A FAMILY on and was delighted to see that it’s already ranked 599 in zoology for children. It doesn’t come out until January 16 so I want to thank you for ordering copies early. I hope enough people will order and qualify to post their thoughts about the book that I’ll have a good pool of names from which to draw a winner for the free autographed copy.

In the meantime, let’s see those CAT poems on Word of the Month. I know we have a lot of cat lovers among us so let’s hear from you!