Just had a great school visit

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I visited Grace Classical Academy in Springfield and spoke to grades 1-12 for an hour or more. The students were exemplary and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. My thanks to librarian Robin Harrison (no relation) for inviting me and making arrangements.

To add even more pleasure to the experience, I looked directly across the street from the school and there was the house I lived in from grade four through six. After what we’d been living in before that, we thought this was pretty swell. I had my own bedroom and we had an indoor bathroom!

Did you look for them or wait? Here are the definitions.

nickum — a cheating or dishonest person
peacockize — to behave like a peacock; to pose or strut ostentatiously
rouzy-bouzy — boisterously drunk

ruff — to swagger, bluster, domineer; to ruff it out/to brag or boast of a thing
tremblable — causing dread or horror; dreadful
awhape — to amaze, stupefy with fear, confound utterly
snout-fair — having a fair countenance; fair-faced, comely, handsome
sillytonian — a silly or gullible person
dowsabel — applied generically to a sweetheart, a “lady-love”
percher — someone who aspires to a higher rank or status; ambitious or self-assertive person
quacksalver — a person who dishonestly claims knowledge of, or skill in, medicine; peddler of false cures

I’m grateful to Dominic Watt, senior linguistics lecturer at the University of York, for supplying these and other charming though obsolete words. For more, go to http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41266000