A peaceful place

Hi everyone,

The other night Sandy and I drove to the Springfield Botanical Gardens for a peaceful walk along the paths of the 7.5 acre Mizumoto Japanese Stroll garden. We enjoyed the koi lake, moon bridge, meditation garden, tea house, and traditional Japanese garden landscaping. We arrived at dusk so my phone camera wasn’t really up to the requirements for nighttime pictures, but maybe this will give you an idea of why we enjoy the place. Here and there we passed other couples sitting quietly on benches or the grass, finding their center in a complex and noisy world.


8 comments on “A peaceful place

  1. I saw a monster marching once
    while I stared up at a tree.
    He seemed to have a path in mind
    I’m glad he looked past me.

    I wondered where his feet would tread
    or what his arms might grab.
    Perhaps he’ll turn and notice me
    I’ll run before the snab!

    But wait, his feet don’t move at all,
    they seem stuck to the ground.
    I guess he’s scared of me (a kid!)
    and halts when I’m around.

  2. how lovely to stroll in a garden botanical,
    far from all that is loud & mechanical,
    away from the city’s hassle & stench,
    to sit w/ your sweetheart on a garden bench,
    watching for fireflies, fairies, a furtive gnome
    till you stand, stroll hand in hand,
    and make your way back home

    • What a lovely piece, dear Cheryl. I especially love those opening lines. Many thanks for making this world a better place. XO!

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