Home again

BULLETIN: I’ll post November’s Word of the Month word tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

It’s good to be home. We left New York yesterday at 1:30 and reached Springfield at 6:40, just in time to drive from the airport to a Halloween party at Larry and Maryann Wakefield’s house. Got home, read the mail, and went to bed around midnight. I gave myself a lollipop this morning by sleeping in until 7:00.

As always I enjoyed visiting with editors. They were all genuine and generous with their time and insights, and I came home with notes from each conversation that will help me consider future work. As I’ve said in the past, it’s rare when my annual trip to publishing houses doesn’t produce at least one book later on. The last two years accounted for a book each and I definitely see possibilities from this one.

I didn’t take any pictures this time other than the two of Sandy that I posted a couple of days ago. Sunday was rainy and the rest of the time I was busy making the rounds. This picture was from last year. Next year I’ll do better.