First copy of 7 KEYS

Hi everyone,
One of the highlights of my trip to New York City came during my visit with Tara Welty and Marci McLarty at Scholastic Teacher References when I was handed my first copy of the new book co-authored with Mary Jo Fresch. I know you’ve seen the cover before but now the book is real at last and handsome and beautiful and wonderful and in my hands!

One of the elements I like most is the addition of teachers and their students to the book. I talk about how writers prepare to write. Mary Jo talks about how teachers can use these tips to help their kids learn how to prepare for their own writing. So far so good, but the proof of the value comes from real teachers working with real students to follow our suggestions and produce evidence of how they are applying what they learn. Hooray!

We are so grateful to Maria Blair, Lesley Conway, Patricia Cooley, Talitha Helming, Susan Hutchens, Dawn Licata, Yvonne Lustgarten, and Ken Slesarik for their patience, talent, and enormous help from first to last as our book developed slowly but surely. Thank you everyone. You’re the best! And so are your students!!

I checked yesterday and we already ranked 382 under “Composition and Writing.” Not a bad start for a book that technically isn’t available for a few more days.