Something About the Author

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was an amber morning here at Goose Lake. The sun came up mellow. There was no wind. Ducks quietly drew lines across the water like they were solving a geometry problem. The breakfast room table became part of the landscape.
I learned that the new edition of SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR is out. The editor sent me a pdf of my article in it. The book costs $245 so I’m afraid it won’t find its way into many homes!

I spent the morning working on a new story. It stinks, but not as much as it stank when I started. In the afternoon I did a school visit and told the kids my story stinks but it’s only the fourth draft and has a long way to go. My goal today is to make it start smelling better, maybe even good.

8 comments on “Something About the Author

  1. ah, what is that lovely aroma? An improving ms! Good for kids to know that it takes many passes to make a ms. work. Congrats on Something About the Author. It won’t be in many homes, but libraries still buy it, in e-book form if not in print.

    • Hi Jane! Thanks for stopping by this morning. Kids (and some adults) always seem surprised that stories don’t leap onto paper full blown. I love the nods from teachers around the room when the subject comes up.

  2. Geometry

    The geometry of ducks,
    like the script of swans
    crossing a pond,
    cannot be solved
    by our mathematics
    or the the scribbles
    of our alphabet.

    We can study all we want,
    dissect, fillet, singe, and seine.
    But some languages,
    some computations
    may forever elude us.
    It is a human thing
    to need to solve problems.

    But sometimes
    we just have to agree
    to enjoy them
    without the necessity
    of an autopsy,
    with coroner or priest
    reading the dripping bones.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Jane, I like it all but especially love: “It is a human things/to need to solve problems.” You made me think of Billy Collins’ poem. Thanks very much. XO

  3. Yes, just let’s leave off the parsing & enjoy the fowl water ballet & that I’ll do everyday after you & Sandy let me bring my young cat & old dog & move in with youse guys, down there goosey lakeside. That okay?

    • Well of course the welcome mat is always out for you, dear heart. We’ll have ourselves a fine old time! Come on down! XO

  4. I think that beginning paragraph is your poem today, David. The words and the pictures are wonderful. Here’s to that story making its way to good!

    • Thank you, Linda. It was a serene setting that well might lead into a second edition of Goose Lake. I’ll keep it in mind!

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