One of the things I like least to do

Hi everyone,

Wa. I hate putting away the patio things until spring. Each item — planters, little metal frogs, concrete reading elf, chair cushions, wall hangings — has added to the pleasure of warm spring and summer nights spent out under the stars. I refused to cover the tables yet. We might still get lucky enough to bundle up and sit out by the lake again. I also left four pots with geraniums that still have a few blooms, the result of our covering them each night and pulling the sheet away each morning.
The day ended well though. We went to the symphony concert honoring veterans and stopped off for a late bite and nightcap on the way home.

5 comments on “One of the things I like least to do

    • Thanks, Jane. I try too. The neighbor’s cat came strolling across our patio this morning. She didn’t seem to notice the change. Probably had her mind on birds.

  1. Oh David, let us count the reasons we love the changing of the seasons
    Or then again NOT. What’s to love about raking till your back is shot?
    Except wait – I love how the leaves LOOK & how they smell + it’s kind of lovely, battening down the hatches, bringing the summer hoohah indoors & remembering all those happy times & anticipating the holidays [oooh, I do kind of hate that] then there’s that smell when the furnace first kicks on… jeepers, David, I reckon ambivalence is a year-round deal, huh?

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