Last leaf

Hi everyone,

With an appreciative nod to O’Henry:

The Last Leaf

Frost-sharpened winds
scythe away leaves
to weave the earth a mourning cloak,
and bony limbs stripped naked
surrender the season.

Outside your pane
I clutch still, dare
to hold the cosmos at bay.
Stay strong, friend,
for another day.

(c) by David L. Harrison
all rights reserved

17 comments on “Last leaf

  1. The Second-to-Last Leaf

    I feel the wind’s pull
    “Away, away” the call.
    Brothers, sisters scatter
    into the darkening fall.

    I shudder, shiver, shake.
    A new breath take.
    Still here.
    Still here.

    There is no prize
    for second-to-last.
    Another blast
    of wind.

    I hold on till
    the end..

    Farewell tree.
    Goodby friend.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Dear Jane, I’m glad you like this one. I haven’t checked this morning to see if that leaf is still there. Maybe I don’t want to know!

  2. Fallen Leaves

    Trees are bare
    leaves remain.
    Lawn is full
    who’s to gain?

    Worms and bugs
    crunch the food.
    Rotten leaves
    taste so good.

    Kids and dogs
    romp and play.
    Mounds of leaves
    make their day.

    Pygmy goat
    jumps and skips.
    Eats up leaves
    like party chips!

    Humans miss
    green above.
    Leaves on ground
    they don’t love.

    Oh – I do miss having leaves in the yard! On our entire 70 acres, we only have one tree with leaves – a single, wind-blown cottonwood by our back deck. With the tremendous winds we get here, there are never any leaves to rake or play in! Friends in town rake and bag their leaves for us – so we can feed them to our goats! The goats love them!

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