The kissing count

Hi everyone,

As I’ve said here many times, some mornings I sit down, write, “Hi everyone,” and start fishing around in my head for an idea. This is such a morning. However, all it took was a trip into the bedroom to take Sandy’s morning coffee and paper and kiss her for the first time today to provide this bit of trivia.

I can’t tell you how long we’ve been married. She had that information surgically removed years ago. But let’s just say that if I multiply the number of days since our wedding by 9, which is my best guess of the average number of times we kiss each day (probably low), then I’ve kissed that girl 192,123 times. This information has no trade-in value and will not get you a cup of coffee, but I hope it makes you smile. It did me.
After all, I don’t write every single minute!

24 comments on “The kissing count

  1. Counting Kisses

    That’s a lot of kisses
    for a guy and gal to share,
    And still have fun together –
    not want to rip out hair!

    So glad for your example
    Of how things ought to be.
    We’ve got some catching up to do
    my dear sweet Dan and me!

  2. Harrison in Love

    It’s not the count of kisses,
    or the cleaning of the pool,
    the ducks watched, the spiders,
    that large moth covering the wall.

    It’s never the jokes and pokes
    at himself, coffee brought to the bed,
    the sly shots at his own mischief,
    the turtles.

    It’s the air they exchange,
    the years, that small intake
    of breath when she enters the room.
    The smiles in the morning, evening.

    Oh yes, and the kisses.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Hello, my dear friend. You and I haven’t smooched that many times, but we’ve had our share of supervised hugs and smacks over the years while our mates were doing likewise. Here’s to many more years of playing together and loving each new adventure. XO

  3. I bow to the Count and Countess; to the service at sunrise, and the comfort sunset delivers. and most of all, to the longevity practiced to the final curtain. Applause, applause…….

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