Goose Lake in December

Hi everyone,

The temperature has been up and down lately from a low of 11 to a high of 70. Mostly pretty though, and the denizens of Goose Lake are out and about. In the past three days we’ve been visited by a pair of foxes in our front yard and a bald eagle soaring over the lake. Five crows took out after it and gave it a good chase but it shook them off and continued to sail back and fourth for several minutes. The geese and ducks below paid no attention to the show going on above them.

Three swans have paid us a visit and three crows have adopted our back yard. I don’t have a good shot of anything but here’s one I took through the kitchen window that shows one of the crows and a couple of the magnificent swans. The crows are fat and sassy and act like they own our patio. Most other birds are gone now so they have all the privacy they want.

I can sigh all I want about the cold weather but at least it brings with it a constant parade of delights to watch and think about.