Reviewing the year

Hi everyone,

2017 is about out of gas but I think we can walk to 2018 from here if need be. My only complaint about 2017 is that it seemed to be a short year.

It was productive for me though. In addition to posting here most days, seven days each week, my work received recognitions (from Society of Midland Authors for best nonfiction book of the year and NCTE’s list of Notable Poetry Books for Children, for NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T), sold my 99th book (to Holiday House, called RUM PUM PUM, co-authored with Jane Yolen), sold my 100th book (to Holiday House, called I WANT AN APPLE), had one new book come out (from Scholastic called 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS, co-authored with Mary Jo Fresch), published an article in Arizona Reading Journal and two (one of which was co-authored with Mary Jo Fresch) in Missouri Reading Journal, was featured interview in Children’s Book Insider), included in anthologies, including POEMS ARE TEACHERS (collected by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater) and THE BEST OF TODAY’S LITTLE DITTY, 2016 (collected by Michelle Heidenrich Barnes), appeared in a multi-skill course book in India called REVISED EXPLORING ENGLISH), took an agent (Karen Grensik), made two research trips (Arizona and New York) signed in books stores in Missouri and Florida, presented and signed at NCTE, visited schools in Arizona and Missouri, participated in two children’s literature festivals in Missouri, and an updated bio appeared in SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR.

Coming up in 2018: two new titles, A PLACE TO START A FAMILY (from Charlesbridge) and CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS (from Boyds Mills Press) plus two children’s literature festivals, a feature spot in a magazine, two radio programs, school visits, a live evening program at The Library Center in Springfield, more anthologies, another poem in an Indian publication, and will present and sign at Texas Library Association and at ILA.

My first conference in 2019 is inked in. Five new books are under contract and in the works.

11 comments on “Reviewing the year

  1. The year’s out of gas
    but the trunk is full
    of memories and honors –
    David gathered no wool!

    The next year will surely
    keep him busy as well.
    sharing prose and poetry –
    he’s got tales to tell!

    Here’s a quick little rhyme for your “end of the year” pleasure! Hugs! Su

  2. Good galloping gracious!
    The room set aside for his honors
    Must indeed be vast & spacious.
    Visitors to his palace – fans & fawners –
    They hope for a glimpse of his face,
    The chance that he might sign their books.
    They wander breathless about the place,
    Casting glances; they peer into nooks.
    ‘What must it be like, being him?’
    ‘When does he sleep?’ they wonder.
    ‘And how is he still so youthful, so handsome & so slim?
    His schedule would drive anyone else down & six feet under!’
    Ah well. Let us rejoice & be grateful
    For all the fruits of his labors.
    What a guy he is, so gifted & graceful
    And aren’t they lucky: his friends & neighbors?
    I swear, the guy’s a beacon,
    A gentleman & a trooper,
    At his joyful work, week out, week in.
    Be like David: Strive to be super.

    • My dear friend, I am SO glad you laid this on me in 2017 because if it had come in 2018 I’d spend the year trying to get my head through doorways. As it is, I can bask in the warmth of our friendship and not have to worry about hat size issues in the new year. With love as always.

  3. Aren’t we so lucky to have such swell friends? Now, Sweet Su, onward we bumble into the future, following the fortunes of Ducky David, Lord of Goose Lake!

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